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Double The Speed ( 2x Speedo )

Double The Speed ( 2x Speedo )

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(2x Speedo snorkels, Colours picked randomly)

 Now lets see who is faster.. You or your slow ass friends. With the speedo you will be able to see who the fastest really is at the party. NOW GO SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS


How to use the Speedo?

1: Remove the white tab attached to the battery.

2: The timer won't work with water and will only work with thicker alcohol beverages like cruisers/beer.

3: The first try may not work as the timer needs to register, the next try should be good to go!

4: If you have any other questions or need extra assistance feel free to contact us.



 Easy To Clean And Reuse - Easily enough all you do is rinse out all the components, use the cleaner to clean the metal pipe and then you are done!

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